A small defense of glTF 2.0 on its comparison against OpenGEX

By: Juan Linietsky Aug 24 - 2017

This is a short article clarifying some on my views of why I believe glTF to be a great asset pipeline format, contrarily to the claims of Eric Lengyel's feature comparison of OpenGEX and glTF.

How to make your dream game, publish it and not die in the process

By: Juan Linietsky Aug 11 - 2017

Many devs asked me to write about this for a long time, so sharing my experience for this process.

Support Godot on Patreon! Let's make the best game engine ever, together!

By: Juan Linietsky Aug 09 - 2017

We are launching a Patreon site ( to help fund Godot development. Help us develop Godot better and faster by becoming our Patron!

Why we should all support glTF 2.0 as THE standard asset exchange format for game engines

By: Juan Linietsky Aug 03 - 2017

Khronos, with glTF 2.0, has given us a fantastic open standard for asset exchange format between 3D modelling software and game engines. Here's why we must make it succeed...

Dev snapshot: Godot 3.0 alpha1

By: Rémi Verschelde Jul 26 - 2017

There is still a long way to go to finalize Godot 3.0 and release it publicly, but we are now ready for some broader testing of the alpha version. The first alpha build comes with many known issues, but also a lot of interesting (and undocumented) features to experiment with and debug.

Beta release for Python support

By: Rémi Verschelde Jul 12 - 2017

Emmanuel Leblond (touilleMan) just released the first beta of his Python for Godot interface, which will allow developers to use Python 3 and its complete ecosystem as a scripting language in Godot 3.0.

Tests needed for Godot 2.1.4-rc

By: Rémi Verschelde Jun 25 - 2017

Today's beta build for the upcoming Godot 2.1.4 version brings two months worth of development, including both bug fixes and new features, some of which potentially bolder than usual - with the long wait for Godot 3.0, many 2.1.x users grow restless and push to get the latest and shiniest included in the stable branch ;) As such, testers needed to make sure everything works flawlessly!

Make 2d games with Godot, last day on Kickstarter

By: Nathan GDQuest Jun 20 - 2017

There are but a few days left on the Kickstarter campaign. It's been an enormous success, with over 4 times the initial goal! The backers unlocked every stretch goal, including 4 contributions to the official documentation. Here's what will improve in the coming year.

Progress report April/May 2017

By: Rémi Verschelde Jun 14 - 2017

The Godot Engine contributors were not idle during Juan's long holidays - lots of interesting features were implemented over the last two months, and they all converge towards making Godot 3.0 an impressive release! This progress reports covers the work done by all contributors apart from Juan, who will showcase his recent renderer improvements in the next progress report.

Make Professional 2d Games with Godot: Kickstarter LIVE

By: Nathan GDQuest May 22 - 2017

Do you want to become a better game developer with Godot? GDquest, who makes game creation tutorials with open source tools, is on Kickstarter, with our full support!

Godot course on Kickstarter next Monday!

By: Rémi Verschelde May 15 - 2017

GDquest, content creator and gamedev teacher of Krita and Godot fame, will soon start a Kickstarter campaign for a professional quality game creation course targeting the upcoming Godot 3! Among Godot developers, we are all thrilled about the project and want it to be a huge success, so mark the date and be sure to support the campaign!

Maintenance release: Godot 2.1.3

By: Rémi Verschelde Apr 12 - 2017

Here's the newest maintenance release in the current stable branch, Godot 2.1.3. It features various bug fixes and usability improvements, as well as some new features such as enums in GDScript, the ability to change the cost function in the A-star algorithm, various API additions and a (work in progress) tool to convert 2.1.x projects to the format expected by Godot 3.0 alpha.

Godot 3.0 progress report #6

By: Juan Linietsky Apr 09 - 2017

Another month of work, another progress report. This month work was divided into completing the exporters, GDNative (formerly DLScript) and the new particle system.

GDNative is here!

By: Thomas Herzog Apr 05 - 2017

A short introduction to the new GDNative module (formerly DLScript) and how to use it in a project. This is a very early version, but the overall process will stay the same.

Meet the Nodes - Godot event in Paris

By: Rémi Verschelde Mar 28 - 2017

Get ready to Meet the Nodes in person: we are organising a Godot event on Saturday 22 April 2017 in Paris, where many Godot developers will be giving talks, lead workshops or just be available to discuss the engine and game development! This will be a great occasion for European community members to meet Godot's lead developer, Juan Linietsky (reduz), who usually lives in Argentina.