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Unique 2d Shooter with exciting and challenging boss battles.

Deep Sixed

Deep Sixed is a roguelike space sim that will force you to use strategy, ingenuity and duct tape to keep your ship (and your skull) in one piece as you risk exploring a mysterious nebula protected by dangerous alien creatures.


Your ship crash landed, shipwreck, and you must find a way to repair your ship to leave. It is a building game where you must feed your colonists, protect, and survive.

Chrome Trip

Play the (offline) Dino together with your friends, in a new adventure!
An open source multiplayer (LAN/internet) game build for the GitHub GameOff jam 2017.

Pusoy Dos

A popular type of “shedding” card game with origins in the Philippines.


Nostalgic mix of puzzle with retro arcade shooter games.

Falling Word

Falling Word a fun and addictive free word puzzle game for everyone!

The Lone Chameleon

A 2D puzzle game where you control 4 characters with unique abilities and make them work together to solve challenging puzzles.

Mass O' Kyzt

Upgrade your enemies in this arena-based 2D platformer, and unlock some neat cosmetics through in-game achievements!


Strox the hatchery attendant is having a bad day. The guideline for the egg conveyor has broken and the eggs are scattered around the hatchery. Strox needs your help. Can you guide the conveyor and save the eggs?


50+ levels of tactical combat boiled down to its addicting, puzzle-like core. Solve the battlefield.

Hyperspace Shoujo

Vaporwave shooting game featuring innovative controls and cute Japanese girls. Drive the spaceship's satellites to reject enemies' attacks and to generate shock waves.