Sturgeon Simulator

3d exhibition featured simulator | Published

Play the first 3 years of a sturgeon's life. Feed and watch after the fish within its environment by balance the temperature, oxygen, freshwater, light and food consistency through a simple control board.

Game developed for the permanent exhibition at the palm house in Frutigen, Switzerland.

Warning Zone

2d mobile | Published

Help a plane to survive through dangerous areas.


3d arcade shooter | Published

A third person bullet hell. Destroy a giant bug like 4 armed monster with a futuristic spaceship.

Must Come Down

3d platformer | WIP

We all know that going up the ladder of success is hard but the rewards are worth it but what about going down the ladder?


2d mobile puzzle | Published

Throw the ball, avoid obstacles try to reach the top of the level.


2d casual mobile published | Published

Over 10,000 words to guess with 3 difficulty levels!

TapBall Adventures

2d arcade | Published

TapBall Adventures is a minimalist single tap game where you guide a ball through challenging levels. The game is a mix of arcade and platforming with a little bit of puzzling elements.

Circle Invasion

2d arcade mobile tower-defense | Published

Defend the Triangle Kingdom from the Circles! Use strategy as you place your Triangles to block the incoming circles and become victorious.


2d casual mobile puzzle | Published

Circl is a logic game with a simple mechanic. Fill all circles to complete a level. Puzzles are randomly generated, and therefore provide unlimited levels to test your wits against.

World Flags Challenge

casual flags geography trivia | Published

Get fun and learn more than 180 flags and challenge your friends with the 2 player mode challenge

More than 180 flags

Guess Flags by the name

Guess the Name by the flag

2 Player challenge game

Quad-Teleport Square Puzzle

2d mobile puzzle | Published

Quad-Teleport Squares Puzzle is an elegantly designed, colorful and highly interactive mobile and tablet puzzle game with innovative gameplay where you figure out teleportal sequences, teleport and move squares onto like colored ones.

Castle Baloneybeard

2d gbjam5 puzzle | Published

You are playing as the castle owner Baloneybeard in search of lost baloney. Navigate through unavoidable puzzles as you scratch your head trying to figure out what to do, and more importantly: Make the ultimate sandwich! Source code.

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