Innovative design

Create games with ease using Godot's unique approach to game development.

  • Nodes for all your needs. Godot comes with hundreds of built-in nodes that make game design a breeze. You can also create your own for custom behaviors, editors and much more.
  • Flexible scene system. Create node compositions with support for instancing and inheritance.
  • Visual editor with all the tools you need packed into a beautiful and uncluttered context-sensitive UI.
  • Friendly content creation pipeline for artists, level designers, animators and everyone in between.
  • Persistent live editing where changes are not lost after stopping the game. It even works on mobile devices!
  • Create your own custom tools with ease using the incredible tool system.

Gorgeous 3D graphics

The brand new physically-based renderer comes with a ton of features that will make your games look incredible.

Create 2D games with ease

Godot comes with a fully-dedicated 2D engine packed with features.

Animate everything

The most flexible animation system.

Script with full freedom

More choices than any other engine.
  • GDScript Python-like scripting language, designed to make games with zero hassle. Learn why our community loves it.
  • Full C# 8.0 support using Mono.
  • Full C++ support without needing to recompile the engine.
  • Visual scripting using blocks and connections.
  • Additional languages with community-provided support for Python, Nim, D and other languages.
  • Built-in editor with syntax highlighting, real-time parser and code completion.
  • Integrated documentation. Browse and search the whole API offline, without leaving the editor.

Debug & Optimize

Solve bugs and performance bottlenecks with the built-in debugger.
  • Explore and modify your project while it's running, even on mobile devices.
  • Keeps changes by default after closing the project.
  • Built-in profiler with graph plotting and time seeking.
  • Video memory debugger.
  • Error logger with full stack traces.

Multi-platform editor

Create games on any desktop OS.
  • Works on Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD. The editor runs in 32-bit and 64-bit on all platforms.
  • Small download (around 25 MB), and you are ready to go.
  • Very easy to compile on any platform (no dependency hell).

Multi-platform deploy

Deploy games everywhere!
  • Desktop platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, UWP, *BSD
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android
  • Consoles: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One via third-party providers (read more)
  • Export to the web using HTML5 and WebAssembly
  • One-click deploy & export to most platforms. Easily create custom builds as well.

Easy teamwork

Godot is designed from the ground up for smooth teamwork.