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If you have a problem learning Godot or need help, please first use the various community channels. Godot developers are busy working in making Godot better, so they can't always answer questions. They will, however, be glad to assist you if you can't get an answer from conventional means.

Commercial support

While we still don't have a formal structure for offering commercial support, many Godot developers can already help you, work per hour, or relocate to your company. For such inquiries, contact support at godotengine · org. Just let us know about your needs and we'll try to find the right person for you.

General inquiries

For other inquiries such as business, education, non-profit, promotion, etc. Contact contact at godotengine · org.

Godot Engine Team

The Godot Engine Team is made of dozens of developers around the world, with both regular and occasional contributors.

Project Founders:

Lead Developer:

Project Manager: