Google has accepted our application as participant organization in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2019! It’s our second participation in the programme, after GSoC 2018 where we had 5 students working on exciting topics. Here’s our organization page for 2019, and our list of ideas for potential projects. This list is not exhaustive, students are encourage to come with their own proposals (after having their relevance validated by core developers).

Google Summer of Code is a yearly program that brings students from all over the world into open source projects. The students have the opportunity to get involved into a real software development process, while the organizations can welcome a new contributor working on a valuable feature, potentially becoming a regular after the summer is over. (Note: The program is called “Summer” of Code, but in the Southern hemisphere it happens during Winter. See the timeline for exact dates.)

Now’s the time for interested students to become familiar with the engine’s source code and our development workflow, get in touch with developers on IRC and use these contacts to define or refine their project proposal.

We strongly encourage prospective students to try to start contributing on junior bug reports before the actual application deadline: we’ll be more likely to pick students who have demonstrated that they can fit into our workflow. The application period goes from March 25 to April 9.

See our organization page for more details on the process, how to get started contributing to Godot and how to prepare your application.