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Hello, community. I'm trying to build a level outside of Godot, because I'm not really comfortable with it, I'm used to OGMO 3 or Tiles, but these two generate the levels in .json and .xml format respectively and therefore I imagine that there is no native way to import those formats into Godot, because my question is, is there a way to import externally created levels into Godot? I've been looking and I really didn't find anything convincing.

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I've got Tiled, but never used it for Godot. There is an importer on the Asset Library

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I swear brother, I went all the way around the assets library and I didn't find anything similar, thank you very much.

ah I took the easy option. I thought Tiled had an export for Godot, so I Googled "tiled export Godot" and the asset library came back as the first link ;)

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