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Tiled Map Importer for Godot 3 2.4 2D Tools 3.4 Community

Submitted by user vnen; MIT; 2022-05-07

Import TileMaps from Tiled Map Editor (http://mapeditor.org). This imports each map as Godot scene which can be instanced or inherited.

For Godot 3.x

More information at https://github.com/vnen/godot-tiled-importer
Manual at: https://github.com/vnen/godot-tiled-importer/wiki

* Accept both .json, .tmx, and .tsx formats.
* Import maps and standalone tile sets.
* Support for compressed layers.
* Orthogonal, Isometric, Hexagonal and Staggered maps.
* Group layers imported as Node2D for organization.
* Visibility and opacity from layers.
* Map background color
* Standalone objects as LightOccluder2D, StaticBody2D, or Area2D (depending on type).
* Support for importing metadata: custom properties and some of Tiled built-in properties.
* Support for one-way collision (using object type)
* Support for infinite maps.
* Support for object templates.
* A few import options.

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