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I have been working on a project in 3.1 alpha. I downloaded 3.1 beta from here and ran my project.

All of the collision in my AutoTile now seems to be one-way, and the output in the editor is now continuously printing "margin: 1" or "margin: 0". The collision in the AutoTile is set to shape_one_way = false.

The printing seems to have to do with the AutoTile, because when I delete the TileMap node from my level, the printing ceases.

Any ideas why this might be and how to fix it?

asked Jan 19, 2019 in Engine by Diet Estus (1,480 points)
edited Jan 19, 2019 by Diet Estus

I can't help you with this topic as I don't use AutoTiles but did you already try out the 3.1 beta2 from this link:?


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