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I'm having trouble using godot 3.4 because I get various animation bugs like deformation, missing animations and missing bones, in all the different blender export formats (glb, fbx, dae). I tried importing the files to godot 3.2.3 and I have not had a problem and I would like to use this version, but it does not have support to export aab. I wanted to know if there is no way to fix these errors in the latest versions.the error appears with the gles2 and gles3.
.sorry if I don't explain myself, I'm using a translator and I've only been using the engine for 1 year

Godot version 3.4.2
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Blender => godot is getting better... I'm excited for godot 4

You really have to fiddle with blender export settings to get things right... did you make the animation yourself? have you watched youtube videos about this?

Have you followed this article? it's old, but possibly still relevant:

I normally use obj format

It would help to know more details about what kind of errors your having.

I was tinkering with the export options and was able to get a good glb export by turning off an option (include all bone influences) that I hadn't seen before. However I still have the same problems with fbx and dae . It would be very helpful if I could see some example configuration in blender 3.0. I haven't tried the plugin you recommended me yet because I didn't have time to try but I appreciate your answers.

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Have you tried this plugin?:

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