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Title GD-Sync | Advanced Multiplayer Plugin
Description Get your multiplayer game up and running quickly with our easy-to-integrate plugin.

Key Features:
- Interactive Lobbies & Matchmaking: Enable players to easily find and join each other from across the globe.
- Global Servers: Deliver high uptime and seamless gameplay through our extensive global server infrastructure.
- In-Depth Analytics: Gain valuable insights with detailed tracking of player statistics.
- Godot Asset Library Integration: Set up GD-Sync with minimal hassle, right from within the engine.

More information can be found on https://www.gd-sync.com.
Category Tools
License BSD-2-Clause
Repository Provider GitHub
Repository Url https://github.com/GD-Sync/GD-Sync
Issues Url https://github.com/GD-Sync/GD-Sync/issues
Godot version Godot 4.2
Version String 0.3
Download Commit 38167929321bf11142b12d878facbe78b06f510d 47f436357280390ea3f4f8a54ab912b530a62c37
Download Url (Computed) https://github.com/GD-Sync/GD-Sync/archive/38167929321bf11142b12d878facbe78b06f510d.zip https://github.com/GD-Sync/GD-Sync/archive/47f436357280390ea3f4f8a54ab912b530a62c37.zip
Icon Url https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/6446f1fc3506fe60c40890e9/65527755b264a4d9e8fd30f6_GD-Multiplayer%20Logo%20file_F9.jpg