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how can i disabled focus_mode on all my child node(button type)?
what i want to do is when i pause tree. i dont want focus on node that did't process at that time.
for example i want to disable focus all child(button type) of node "stats"
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there other way than group all node child then disabled it like this?

func _on_pause_pressed() -> void:
    get_node("style").pause_mode =Node.PAUSE_MODE_PROCESS
    get_tree().paused = true
    for x in get_tree().get_nodes_in_group("stats_child"):
        x.focus_mode = 0
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Is this for a toolScript or in Game?

func _on_pause_pressed() -> void:
    var style = get_node("style")
    style.pause_mode =Node.PAUSE_MODE_PROCESS
    get_tree().paused = true
    for child in style.get_children():
        if child.has_method("set_focus_mode"):
            child.focus_mode = 0
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thanks, base on my question you give me the right answer. in game.
but i just realize that what i want not just children of node, but i need everything under node, child, grandchild ,child of grandchild, basically node child and all sub they have.
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Holy cannoli

Try this function.

func hereditary_marker(node):
    if node.has_method("set_focus_mode"):
        node.focus_mode = 0
    for child in node.get_children():

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thanks your function work, this code what they call recursion right?

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this code what they call recursion right?

Correct but be wary of this power I've bestowed upon you as it usually results in stackoverflows

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