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I'd like to have a dummy Viewport around a scene to make it easier to substitute when changing scenes:

> root
>> ViewportContainer
>>> Viewport
>>>> myScene: Node2D
>> UI: Control

I have a problem when passing the input to myScene: I set the ViewportContainer to pass input, and in the Viewport I tried:

onready var child: Node2D = get_node("myScene")

func _input(event):

The _input function is called, but I'm getting the error: Nonexistent function '_input' in base 'Node2D (myScene.gd)'.

Godot version 3.1.1-stable
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do you have a function called _input(event): in your myScene.gd node?
do you add your myScene by code after the viewport is initialized or are they already set inside a prefab?

I don't, _input I thought it's implemented by default. However, when I do, I'll have to propagate the input manually. Is there a way to automatically pass all the inputs down the tree? When I used the hierarchy:

> root
>> myScene: Node2D
>> UI: Control

the input passing is handled automatically.

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did u try set_process_input(true) in ready function?

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