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I was testing physic and collision in Godot. I created a simple project and the behavior looks quite strange in my opinion... Is it expected behavior?

Project tree:

enter image description here

Scene (collision shapes):

enter image description here


enter image description here

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Given the contours of the collision shapes in your screenshots, it appears like you used a transformation (dragging the box outline to resize) on a capsule shape.

Any collision shape that relies on a radius (circles and capsules), needs to be transformed uniformly, if you use transformations on them. Otherwise it will break it.

When using the round types, you should notice two orange dots when you have the shape highlighted, use those to change the extents of the shape itself. You can also enter the numbers manually if you enter the shape on the node itself. It should bring up the fields for radius and height.

It would be best to go back in the node, find it's scaling property and reset those first, then adjust the height and radius properties of the capsule itself.

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Thanks! It looks much better now.

Quite welcome. ^_^

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