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I wrote this code
But it put that there is an invalid set index "text"

func _process(delta):
$Vidas.text = str(Mundo.Vidas)
But it put that

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2 Answers

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invalid set index text.... and there must have been something else in that error. Like : on base null instance ??

If so, than Your node does not see $Vidas node, which means a path to it is incorrect , name is incorrect, or it is not a child of this calling node at all.

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You need to specify what exactly is your error. This can mean a lot of things like this node don't have a text property or don't have a variable called text, or it doesn't even exists for some reason.

And it's a bad idea to change a name of a label on the _process function, this will be executed A LOT, for no reason.

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