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Hey everyone, I've grown tired of libreoffice, it's time for godot office!
I'm starting this on my free time, ofc
the main missing feature is when i capture the screen (learning from various tutorial found here and there ) the quality of the font is very bad.

This is probably only useful when creating document that needs to be read and I know godot is a game engine and does'nt target that at all

I think we would all agree it would be awesome to find a suitable replacement for libreoffice though , so if anyone a little bit better at coding than I am has an idea to render fonts in high quality I'm listening

Thanks for reading!

(offtopic: it would be really great exporting in pdf aswell but i guess thats way more complicated)

Godot version 3.2.3.stable.official
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Could you drop an image to compare what you're seeing on your monitor and the screenshot you get?

Under your font setting (dynamic font probably), did you check antialiased and maybe filter? This helps reducing jagged lines.

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