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Currently i am dealing with the AnimationTree-Node.

I have a BlendShape2D for e.g. strafing.
But the BlendPosition-Input i am applying is 1 or -1 on Both X and Y.
So there will be no blending at all because all the Blend-Position-Points inbetween will be skipped. Just choppy jumps to each Position.

Is there a internal way in the AnimatonTree-Node to apply interpolation in a BlendShape2D while the Position-Input is 1 and -1?
Or is it a must, to interpolate the input itself bevor using it as Blend-Position. Still have to figure out how to do that. :P

Many thanks

Edit: Better wording

Godot version v3.2.3
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For as of now i went with interpolating the Player-Input itself bevor applying it as Blend-Position-Input

interpolatedPlayerInput = interpolatedPlayerInput.linear_interpolate(currentPlayerInput, 0.1) 

AnimationTree_Strafe.set("parameters/Strafe/blend_position", interpolatedPlayerInput )
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