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I am making 2d game so I use mode 2d ascpect expand, and with those settings following code does not work with multiple window resolutions, but works perfect on default window resolution.

I tried adapting viewport to OS.getrealwindow_size() or something, but it did not work.

    var viewport = get_viewport()
    var direction = viewport.get_mouse_position() - viewport.size / 2.0
    var percent = (direction / viewport.size * 2).length()
    var camera_position = Vector2()
    var max_zoom_distance = get_current_weapon().raycast.cast_to.x
    if percent < ZOOM_MAX_CAMERA_PERCENT:
        camera_position = global_position + direction.normalized() * max_zoom_distance * (percent / ZOOM_MAX_CAMERA_PERCENT)
        camera_position = global_position + direction.normalized() * max_zoom_distance
    camera.global_position = lerp(camera.global_position, camera_position, Game.zoom_sensitivity)

Found the formula originally from https://godotengine.org/qa/95641/move-camera-to-mouse ...

Goal is to move camera towards mouse and I call it "zoom" because its for shooter game.

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Following kind of works, but it does not feel as good in the game since its not as consistent speed.

if camera.global_position.distance_to(global_position) < get_current_weapon().raycast.cast_to.x:
   var direction = get_global_mouse_position() - global_position
   camera.global_position = lerp(camera.global_position, direction, Game.zoom_sensitivity)

Anyways I do not know how to make it better than this :(

Edit: does not work when moved around. sadly.

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var mid_position = (global_position + get_global_mouse_position()) / 2
camera.global_position = camera.global_position.linear_interpolate(mid_position, Game.zoom_sensitivity * delta)

This seems to work fine, just not as smooth.

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