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I'm trying to change a material of one MeshInstance. Here is the code where the node is created, basically a MeshInstance with two surfaces, where at the end of the code I created a function to change the material of one of them (there is the error):

class_name Tile
extends Spatial

var N : int
var iL : float
var oL : float

func _init(N=6, iL=0.9, oL=1):
    self.N = N
    self.iL = iL
    self.oL = oL

func _ready():
    _generate_tile(N, iL, oL)

func _generate_tile(N, iL, oL):
    # generates the MeshInstance for the Tile
    # N : int = number of corners
    # iL : float = inner radius
    # oL : float = outer radius

    # MeshInstance for the Mesh
    var meshInstance : MeshInstance
    # Mesh for the tile
    var mesh : Mesh

    meshInstance = MeshInstance.new()
    meshInstance.name = 'TMI'

    # angle between the position vectors of two consecutive vertices of the hexagon
    var angle : float = 2*PI/N

    # pivot points
    var polyVertices : PoolVector3Array = PoolVector3Array([

    # generate verteces, first inner ones, then outer ones
    for i in range(1, N):
        polyVertices.append(polyVertices[0].rotated(Vector3.UP, -i*angle))
        polyVertices.append(polyVertices[1].rotated(Vector3.UP, -i*angle))

    # SurfaceTool for the inner polygon
    var iSurfaceTool : SurfaceTool = SurfaceTool.new()
    # SurfaceTool for the borders of the polygon
    var oSurfaceTool : SurfaceTool = SurfaceTool.new()


    for i in range(2*N-2):
        if i%2 == 0:








    mesh = iSurfaceTool.commit()
    mesh = oSurfaceTool.commit(mesh)
    meshInstance.mesh = mesh

    meshInstance.set_surface_material(1, MATERIALS.dict[1])

    add_child(meshInstance, true)

func _change_center(key):
    get_node('TMI').set_surface_material(0, MATERIALS.dict[key])

I instance this node in the scene via:

extends Spatial

func _ready():
    var tile = Tile.new()
    tile._change_center(2) # HERE IS THE PROBLEM
    add_child(tile, true)

MATERIALS contains a dictionary with the materials. I get the error when I try to change the material of one of the surfaces. I think that the is because get_node('TMI') doesn't give the MeshInstance child.

Godot version 3.2.3
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The way this error goes it sounds like the missing instance is node TMI itself. Are You sure TMI is ready at the moment of first calling changecenter ? If not than maybe You should consider using Autoload pattern.

Getnode(TMI) indicates, that it must be a child of your Tile node. If it is not, than it will throw the same error - null instance. If it is not supposed to be child of Tile, than You need to insert whole hardcode path into getnode() like get_node("/root/TMI")

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I changed to:

extends Spatial

func _ready():
    var tile = Tile.new()
    add_child(tile, true)
    tile._change_center(2) # I changed the order

And it works. If I don't want to change this piece of code, then it works if I call _generate_tile(...) in _init instead of _ready. And here is the issue I believe, when _ready is called is when I add the node to the main scene, so TMI doesn't exist yet because originally _generate_tile was called in _ready

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