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Hello, absolute beginner here.

I have two animations in an AnimationPlayer node:
* Idle (loop)
* Walk (loop)

I have a simple AnimationTree that allows for blending between the animations when my "move" key is pressed, eg: "Player is walking forward, blend to walk animation". This works well enough, however, I've noticed when I blend to/from my walk animation it's animation has continued it's loop instead of beginning from the start frame of the animation.

enter image description here

Here I'm tapping W every few frames. You can see the walk animation is continuing to loop between blends. How can I ensure my walk animation starts from an explicit frame, then continues to loop when I blend to it?

Godot version 3.2.3.stable.official
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Hey it looks like the image didn't load try and link it again.

Weird. It's displaying for me.

Following up on this -- I downloaded a bunch of third person demos and found all of them have the same loop timing. I guess this is normal behaviour. All good.

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