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So, the imported bones have wrong pivots and I can't fix it (export to DAE). Trying to change bone rest/pose origins doesn't do anything towards the rotation. Is there any way to set a bone pivot in Godot?

I use this code as a tool script to help me configure the bones:

var bonePose = Transform(Quat(value*D2R))

bonePose is a Transform that has the same origin as the bone (assigned later, before setbonepose), value is an exported Vector3 for easier tweaking in editor, D2R is a degrees to radians constant. Bone 1 is a child of bone 0 with an offset.

Illustrations below:

Godot version 3.2.3
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Figured out that the COLLADA .dae format (either Godot import or Blender export) is kinda broken, switching to binary glTF (.glb) solved the problem.

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