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I exported my project to windows and everything works fine, but exporting an apk to use on android some sprites disappears. I created na area2d with textureButton, but the sprite and the functionality of the buttons are gone on my android phone. I imported with gles3 and gles2, enabled all architetures but nothing changed.
I'm using 100x100 for all images. I don't know whats the difference between the sprites that work and the ones that don't. The sprites that don't work are being generated one by one, in tiles similar to a chess board, with a 12x8 board size. Also, my game is 1200x800.
I did found this: "Create a Control node and just reparent your top most node that contains your sprites/anything not rendering to the newly made control." But i'm not sure if I'm doing correct. I have a tilemap as a main node. It's child is control, and child of control is a texture button with a sprite that does not work on android.

Godot version 3.x
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I found a solution, it worked for me. Make sure the textures are directly in the "sprites" folder.

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I'm having the same problem.

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Which size do your textures have? Mobile GPUs generally can't display textures larger than 2048 in one dimension (e.g. 4096×2048).

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Change the compression mode in the import setting for your images
I'd recommend the Lossy Compression for mobile

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