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Pretty simple to duplicate the problem I'm having. create a Popup node, add an HBoxContainer to it and a TextureRect to it, tiling the default icon.png. set all size flags to fill/expand, size the popup to the screen (my project is using disabled stretch settings), and of course call popup in the popup's _ready().

The questions are:
Why doesn't the HBox fill the popup?
Why do some control nodes have size flags if they are ignored?

If I'm not mistaken it wouldn't take more than a dozen lines to code the behavior I'm looking for, but then I would feel like I'm reinventing the wheel and not using the engine's built in methods/properties causing me to use a solution that may be less optimized than already exists.

Godot version 3.2.3-stable_win64
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I almost get the functionality I'm looking for when I make the popup a child of another container, but children of the popup still ignore the size flags

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Think its been too long since I last looked at a tutorial. Use of anchors solves the problem

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