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I've been experimenting with inspector plugins to help with some more complex maintenance in my current project.

I've created a test scene to try instanciate it in the inspector with the set_bottom_editor() function, but I keep getting the error for condition p_child->get_parent() != this - that means the scene doesn't have a parent, right?

I got around that by adding the Control test scene as a child of the EditorProperty before setting it as bottom editor. Am I skipping some step here or is this the expected behavior?

Here's my current code:


extends EditorInspectorPlugin

func can_handle(object):
    return true

func parse_property(object, type, path, hint, hint_text, usage):
    if type == TYPE_REAL:
        add_property_editor(path, MyCustomControl.new())
        return true
        return false


extends EditorProperty
class_name MyCustomControl

var control_teste

func _init():
    control_teste = preload("res://controlTeste.tscn").instance()

The ControlTeste scene is simply a full rect Control with a VBoxContainer and a bunch of labels.

Godot version 3.2.2
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