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I've been buiilding a project intended for ios for a long time, an decided it was time to test ios exporting from c# but I can't seem to get it to work.. and can'rt seem to find the official state of this feature anywhere..
I created a test project just earlier and ran an export to, ios, which gadn't finished after 40mins of running!? then when I opened a finder window to see what had been written to the file system it suddenly finished., but there was no .ipa created!!
I opened and run the xcode project it had created, but worryingly the test project was "on it's side" ( what I would see in the editor as a good fit for portrait was shown in thesimulator as if it had been rotated to landscape!) ( I took screenshots but can't see how to add them tothis question.)
what state is" ios export of c# projects" in ?


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