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So I added and setup a Quad to a 3D scene to do some testing, and when I exit the scene it will throw these errors into the console:

Based resources missing amount: 1
ERROR: VisualServerRaster::finish: Condition ' instancedependencymap.size() ' is true.
At: servers\visual\visualserverraster.cpp:7736

Is this a bug that anyone is familiar with, should I report it, or am I missing something?

I tried to free them as part of exittree() as well, but that had no effect.

asked Oct 23, 2016 in Engine by avencherus (4,548 points)

Got something like that too when changing scene in a project (only while changing to one specific scene) but didn't knew what caused that, I have thought was an Environment but was unable to replicate, I had a quad on each scene too but never suspected of that node.

I think it could be a bug somewhere, on Quad (if dissappears after removing it) or VisualServerRaster messages (an error that is not an error?).

Yeah it went away when I deleted it.

So I don't know what the problem is under the hood.

I'll just import my own quads.

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