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I'm working on a simple study project using Godot 3.2.3 and now I'm currently adjusting the lighting. Using GI Probes works perfectly, but at the cost of some poor performance on potato computers. So, I wanted to test it with baked lightmaps.

The thing is, the shadows are extremely washed and pitch black, there is absolutely no bouncing light whatsoever. Furthermore, when I click the "Bake Lightmap" button, the popup only flashes on the screen, despite increasing quality, mode, or max cell size.

Some screenshots:
1. Baked lightmap
baked lightmap 01
2. Baked lightmap
baked lightmap 02
3. Using GI Probe
using gi probe

Firstly, I thought the problem would be the fact I was using CSG meshes. But then I made some simple meshes in Blender, and the problem still occurred.

I already:
- Ticked "Use in baked light" in all meshes;
- Generated (automatically) UV2 for lightmaps in all meshes;
- The baked lightmap box is overlapping everything in the level, including the lights.

Any advice?

Best regards,
Lucas Sene

Godot version 32.3
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