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Hi. I have a Tablet Motorola Xoom, and I made a simple 2d game for my kids.
Its install it, and when it runs its close automatically.
So, I tried other projects, and the same results.
I check on the ADB and nothing there
Any clue?

Using a virtual device, I get this output

    10-22 18:44:28.401: I/godot(666): starting to attempt get methods
10-22 18:44:28.401: I/godot(666): *******GOT METHOD _init_audio ok!!
10-22 18:44:28.401: I/godot(666): *******GOT METHOD _write_buffer ok!!
10-22 18:44:28.401: I/godot(666): *******GOT METHOD _quit ok!!
10-22 18:44:28.401: I/godot(666): *******GOT METHOD _pause ok!!
10-22 18:44:28.401: I/godot(666): CMDLINE LEN 0 - APK EXPANSION I
10-22 18:44:28.401: I/godot(666): test construction 5
10-22 18:44:28.401: I/godot(666): running from dir /
10-22 18:44:28.401: I/godot(666): **SETUP
10-22 18:44:28.401: I/godot(666): [1;31mERROR: MemoryPoolDynamic: [0m[1mCondition ' singleton!=__null ' is true.
10-22 18:44:28.401: I/godot(666): [0;31m   At: core/os/memory_pool_dynamic.cpp:43.[0m
10-22 18:44:28.431: I/godot(666): [1;31mERROR: setup: [0m[1mCondition ' configured ' is true.
10-22 18:44:28.431: I/godot(666): [0;31m   At: core/string_db.cpp:47.[0m
10-22 18:44:28.570: I/godot(666): [1;31mERROR: create: [0m[1mCondition ' singleton ' is true. returned: __null
10-22 18:44:28.611: I/godot(666): [0;31m   At: core/io/ip.cpp:235.[0m
10-22 18:44:28.611: I/godot(666): [1;31mERROR: InputMap: [0m[1mCondition ' singleton ' is true.
10-22 18:44:28.620: I/godot(666): [0;31m   At: core/input_map.cpp:388.[0m
10-22 18:44:28.650: I/godot(666): has res dir: 
10-22 18:44:28.650: I/godot(666): exists engine cfg? 0
10-22 18:44:28.700: I/godot(666): loaded engine.cfg
10-22 18:44:28.710: I/godot(666): [1;31mERROR: MessageQueue: [0m[1mCondition ' singleton!=__null ' is true.
10-22 18:44:28.710: I/godot(666): [0;31m   At: core/message_queue.cpp:396.[0m
10-22 18:44:28.750: I/godot(666): *****SETUP OK
10-22 18:44:28.780: I/godot(666): **START
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Godot officially support Android 4.0 or above.
What version is your device?

Yes I know. Is the first think I checked
The version is 4.0.4

Then... hm.. are you sure using same version of templates with editor?

Yes. The projects runs on other devices without problems.
I also have a 4.1.2. 4.2.2 and a 5.0

hm. there should be some information for crash on adb logcat. weird.

I'm installing now the API 15
Is possible to use a virtual device to test?

I added the error I get on the description of the problem
Using a virtual device with API 15

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