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I know this may sound like a noobish question but I'm kinda lost and looked everywhere. I'm trying to fix the jagged edges my imported models or scene rather gets when rendered. I know in previous engines all I had to do was turn an anti alias filter to smooth those lines but I'm not sure how to do it in godot despite the documentation. Perhaps I didn't read correctly and would appreciate if someone can help me out.

Also as a side question, is there any way to structure the scripting to fit OOP concepts or am I just stuck putting everything I need in one script? Not sure if there is a cleaner way to script things.

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Make another question for the second, there are lot of approaches you can take for that

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To set the AA on, you need to have WorldEnvironment node inside your scene tree with Environment resource. Select it and set the FXAA in Inspector.

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Thank you for the reply, sorry I took a while.

No FXAA in Godot 3.1.1. How to do this in 3?

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in 3.2 it's under: Project>Project Settings>Rendering>Quality

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You're a saviour, thank you for posting this later on!

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