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My game "Fast Line" is out!

It's available at Play Store in this link:

It's my first successfully published game and I wonder if anything can be done to promote it?

Are there services out there to promote new games?

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Don't have an actual answer but as far as promotion goes that should have been done way before the apps release like the way Pokemon Go built hype for almost a year.

Can't tell you how many artist I've followed or watched and they all say the same thing "Marketing takes up more time than my actual projects"

So um yeah anything you can think of as a medium to advertise use it which include but limited to
*printing bar-code stickers that link to your game and place them everywhere you go
*advertise in your local gazette
*its the 21st century Social Media Networks are your best friend
*Be like the Avon Lady use the friend of a friend of a friend grapevine
*Sell related merch on Amazon

Or Delegate all of the above to a professional in the field

Thank you for your suggestions, Wakatta! I find them interesting and useful. In fact the bar-code one gave me another idea for implementation.

I am not exactly speaking for experience, but as the person above said you probably should have been promoting your game prior to release. But, a good place to start would be to make a trailer of your game. Watch Game Maker's toolkit's video on how to make one that's effective.

Make a YouTube channel, a Reddit account and various other social media accounts. Put the trailer on YT put the link to your trailer in any Subreddit where it would make sense and would be allowed (like the Godot subreddit). Join Discords and spread the word, post on Instagram or twitter hashtags, do everything you can online. You could, if your game is monetised, pay for advertising, but this is very expensive.

If you have access to tools to make T-shirts for your game and sell them or even just give them away I'd do that too. If people wear them, that's free advertising!

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