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Hi! I need to implement IAP and am in trouble. The documentation on ios services mentions a singleton "InAppStore" that doesn't want to show up.


It also mentions all of this is implemented in platform/iphone/in_app_store.mm but that is not in github source code but it is in the otherwise outdated gitlab repository.

Should I build my own Godot or my own iOS export template , or maybe wait for Godot 4?
I did try to setup Scons and hit my head against the wall with the different versions of python installed in muy computer etc...
Thanks for any help!

Godot version 3.2.3
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It seems so, the trick is to build the ios templates as indicated in
making sure the build includes the necessary Storekit module.
Then replace the .a file in the XCode Project.
The Godot code should be safe to run without the singleton in the editor, but can only be tested in the iOS devices.

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Have you tried these?
AFAIK they are pre-compiled plugins.

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That looks handy. Thanks for the tip!

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