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I have a cliff autotile tileset and a stairs tileset. The cliff tileset has collisions set so that a player cannot walk off the edge. However, I need to connect different platforms with stairs. With the stairs that go straight up on the screen (It's a top-down 2d rpg style game) it's easy enough, i just extend the cliffs to go where the stairs should be and then just use the stairs tileset to give it the correct texture. However, then there are stair that go diagonally down to the right, I can't find a way to connect those to the cliff tileset. If I just place them next to it, the collision prevents the player from entering the stairs. If I connect both the platforms with the cliff, I cannot completely hide it with the stairs and the cliff tiles can be seen. I cannot put them both into one autotile either, because as far as I know, there is no way to have one autotile have several different types of tiles (not based on what tiles are around it). Is there a way to connect these two together, or will I really have to do this with tile atlases?

Godot version 3.2.3
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When editing your tileset you can see a tileset editor context in the inspector.
This has a property where you can load a custom script which inherits from tileset. There you can overide the internal methodes.

Here is an example.

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