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How do you set a bitmask to autotile this?
I've tried everything bu nothing worked...

enter image description here

Godot version 3.2
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set autotile bitmask to 3x3 minimal
enter image description here
since you have multiple tiles with the same bitmask, they will randomly be chosen from when putting a tile down
for more info see the docs

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These RPG Maker tile-sets are based on 8x8 sub-tiles, but they are meant to be used on a 16x16 grid only.

That's why you can't really find a good way to do this with Godot's auto-tiling. RPG Maker has an algorithm that creates 16x16 tiles out of multiple 8x8 sub-tiles.
With this particular tile-set, with large sections of plain color, you might still get away with the other suggested method, but if the middle 16x16 base tile has a texture that isn't tileable on an 8x8 grid, then I#m pretty sure it isn't possible to do this with Godot's current auto tiling without some extra code.

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