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Hey guys,
I'm writing a mini multiplayer game, in which a player create a room and others join and play.
Once the game ends, the room closes and the players' data are being discarded.

Therefore, I need to store room data, which contains the players' details (nickname, playerid, playerteam).

I wonder which is a better way of storing the data:
1. Use a Player.tscn node under Room node.
2. Save the players' data as a dictionary in Room.gd.

Which would you go with and why?
Thanks in advance!

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doesn't really matter, the simplest/fastest done possible, just refactor as you see fit during your dev

Thanks! went with dicts.

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I think you should go with the 2nd option, as dictionarys are simpler than nodes, and therefore I think that they are more efficcent. (also they can be saved in .json which you might want to do later, but that's another question in itself.)

PS: Good luck with finishing your game ;)

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Thanks man!
I've taken your advice. It's also a bit more indicative and visual for me I guess.

Glad I could help!

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