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I want to generate an image that looks exactly like (color-wise) what I see on-screen when I have a partially transparent TextureRect over another TextureRect. I can't take a screenshot because the generated image will be at a higher resolution than the screen. I think it's called alpha blending? But Color.blend doesn't seem to return the right value.

Godot version 3.2.3
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Nevermind I found an algorithm on wikipedia lol

here is the implementation

func alpha_blend(color_1, color_2) -> Color:
    var result_a = color_1.a + color_2.a * (1 - color_1.a)
    var result_rgb = (color_1 * color_1.a + color_2 * color_2.a * (1 - color_1.a)) / result_a
    result_rgb.a = result_a
    return result_rgb
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thanks self best answer

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