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I'm trying to load Resource:

Ref<Resource> Params = godot::ResourceLoader::get_singleton()->load(paramsResourcePath);

But program is crashing when I try to get Resource field like I did it in GDScript:


So, how to do it in a correct way?

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I found how to do it.

Firstly, I replaced all *.tres by equivalent *.gd.

Secondary, I replaced all export-variables by consts.

After that I able to do this:

  godot::Ref<godot::Script> scene = (godot::Ref<godot::Script>) godot::ResourceLoader::get_singleton()->load(paramsResourcePath);
  godot::Dictionary params = scene->get_script_constant_map();


Now I can use *.gd scripts for parameters that can be changed without game recompiling.

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