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I wanted to ask if there is a way to show a popup menu and hide it by clicking on the same button? Most of the tutorials use one button to call the menu and another one to hide/close it. I'm wondering how to achieve the same thing with just one button.

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Sure. Really, you just need to toggle the visibility of the PopupMenu with each button click. So...

  • Add a PopupMenu to the scene
  • Add a TextureButton to the scene
  • Add the following script to the parent of the above-mentioned controls (or change the script to as necessary)
  • Wire the pressed signal of the button to the the below function


func _on_TextureButton_pressed():
    $PopupMenu.visible = !$PopupMenu.visible
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Wow that was quick!
And the best thing is: it worked! ;)
Such a simple line....
Thank you so much!

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