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Is there a way to print the content of a dictionary in plain text excluding the json format?

print(JSON.print(dictionary, "\t")) will return:

    "Item1": 4,
    "Item2": 3

print(dictionary) will return:


I'd like to have it formatted like this:

Item1 : 4
Item2 : 3

The result will be used in a label to list all the content of the dictionary.

This code works for the console, but not for the label, as it only shows the last key:value pair of the dictionary:

for i in dictionary:
    print("%s : %d" % [i, dictionary[i]]) 

So I'm struggling to translate this to a label

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Here is the code:

func _ready():
    var test:Dictionary = {"Item1": 4, "Item2": 3}

    for i in test:
        $Label.text += "%s : %d" % [i, test[i]]
        if (i != test.keys().back()):
            $Label.text += "\n"
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That made the trick. Thanks!

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