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I am working on a project where I'm designing several 3D levels using Blender. All levels will share the same texture set.

How can I make the levels, once imported into Godot, use the same .tex files (imported 3D texture) for all levels? I do not want to have any duplicate files around, both in source files and in the Godot project.

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I would say it depends on the format that you're exporting your levels to.
If you are using collada files, you can choose to export the texture your model is unwrapped to into the same folder as your collada file. If you export all your levels like this into the same folder, you sould have the texture only once there and all level files should refer to this texture file.
Here's the option I'm talking about:

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Yes, I am using COLLADA for levels using the Better Collada exporter.

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