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Good morning,
i was trying to design a 3d RPG with Godot Engine, which I find the best program to create video games I have tried, however I wrote some scripts and I get these errors:
Parser Error: The method "get_parent" isn't declared in the current class.e
Parser Error: The method "get_parent" isn't declared in the current class.
Could you tell me how to fix it?

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To get help, you'll likely want to provide a few more things:

  • Post the entire script that's causing the error
  • Describe the layout of your scene tree (or provide an image)
  • Define what node in the scene tree the offending script is connected to.

what type of node is the script on?

OP wrote get_parent(), but the underscore got swallowed by the Markdown formatting. I edited their post accordingly.

Use `` for inline code blocks (surround your code with backticks), and prepend multiline code blocks with four spaces for each line (not a tab).

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