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I want to add bullet Holes, pump animation, and the sparks at the front of the barrel.

full script:

extends KinematicBody

var damage = 20
var spread = 10

var speed = 20
var h_acceleration = 6
var air_acceleration = 1
var normal_acceleration = 6
var gravity = 20
var jump = 10
var full_contact = false

var mouse_sensitivity = 0.2

var direction = Vector3()
var h_velocity = Vector3()
var movement = Vector3()
var gravity_vec = Vector3()

onready var head = $Head
onready var ground_check = $GroundCheck
onready var aimcast = $Head/Camera/AimCast
onready var bullet_hole = preload("res://Assets/BulletDecal.tscn")

onready var ray_container = $Head/Camera/RayContainer
onready var muzzle = $Head/Camera/SPAS12/Muzzle

func _ready():

    for r in ray_container.get_children():
            r.cast_to.x = rand_range(spread, -spread)
            r.cast_to.y = rand_range(spread, -spread)

func _input(event):
    if event is InputEventMouseMotion:
        rotate_y(deg2rad(-event.relative.x * mouse_sensitivity))
        head.rotate_x(deg2rad(-event.relative.y * mouse_sensitivity))
        head.rotation.x = clamp(head.rotation.x, deg2rad(-89), deg2rad(35))

func fire_shotgun():
    if Input.is_action_pressed("fire"):
        for r in ray_container.get_children():
            r.cast_to.x = rand_range(spread, -spread)
            r.cast_to.y = rand_range(spread, -spread)
            if r.is_colliding():
                if r.get_collider().is_in_group("Enemy"):
                    r.get_collider().health -= damage

func _process(delta):

func _physics_process(delta):

    direction = Vector3()

    if Input.is_action_just_pressed("fire"):
        if aimcast.is_colliding():
            var bullet = get_world().direct_space_state
            var collision = bullet.intersect_ray(muzzle.transform.origin, aimcast.get_collision_point())

            if collision:
                var target = collision.collider
                if target.is_in_group("Enemy"):
                    print("Hit Enemy")
                    target.health -= damage

    if ground_check.is_colliding():
        full_contact = true
        full_contact = false

    if not is_on_floor():
        gravity_vec += Vector3.DOWN * gravity * delta
        h_acceleration = air_acceleration
    elif is_on_floor() and full_contact:
        gravity_vec = -get_floor_normal() * gravity
        h_acceleration = normal_acceleration
        gravity_vec = -get_floor_normal()
        h_acceleration = normal_acceleration

    if Input.is_action_just_pressed("jump") and (is_on_floor() or ground_check.is_colliding()):
        gravity_vec = Vector3.UP * jump

    if Input.is_action_pressed("move_forward"):
        direction -= transform.basis.z
    elif Input.is_action_pressed("move_backwards"):
        direction += transform.basis.z
    if Input.is_action_pressed("move_left"):
        direction -= transform.basis.x
    elif Input.is_action_pressed("move_right"):
        direction += transform.basis.x

    direction = direction.normalized()
    h_velocity = h_velocity.linear_interpolate(direction * speed, h_acceleration * delta)
    movement.z = h_velocity.z + gravity_vec.z
    movement.x = h_velocity.x + gravity_vec.x
    movement.y = gravity_vec.y

    move_and_slide(movement, Vector3.UP)
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sure thing! The tutorials I have been following have been Garbaj tutorials, which are basically tutorials with stuff but it hard to piece them together.


just realized I made a slight mistake in my comment, the timer's wait time should be set to .1, not .01. Thanks for the link, and good luck with your game development! :)

I don't know if you know this, but I was watching some Garbaj tutorials and I realized that he has one for bullet holes. Hope it helps. =)

Thanks (sorry for the 1 year late reply, I haven't been on godot or the godot forums until recently)

Haha I probably would've never understood what you wrote back then. So glad for all those hours of tutorials I watched over the years.

PS I do understand what you wrote now though (took me long enough) and will try to put that to use in future projects

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