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I have two variables:

var month :int = null
var day :int = null

Now in the _ready() function I want to set the month and day variable to the real month and day.

For example today is the 09.11.2020 and today month should be set to 11 and day should be set to 9.

Thanks for answers!

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You're looking for OS.get_datetime(). That returns a dictionary containing a bunch of date/time components.

Something like this should work:

func _ready():
    var time = OS.get_datetime()
    var day = time["day"]
    var month = time["month"]
    print("Month: %s, Day: %s" % [month, day])

Output (for today):

Month: 11, Day: 9

See the docs for details...


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Thanks a lot, exactly what I was looking for

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