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The problem is simple but I sadly cannot solve it. I connect two RigidBodys via a Generic6DOFJoint. During runtime, I change the size of the first Rigidbody, i.e. its MeshInstance and its CollisionShape. I move (by changing the translation parameters) the second RigidBody accordingly and therefore I also have to move the Joint. Afterwards, the two RigidBodys are still moving like the Joint never changed its position, though.

It seems like the Joint never gets updated, because it maybe gets instanced at an early point of running the program.
Anyone noticed something similar and can maybe help me?

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I've noticed the same behaviour. I think that the joint position is never updated. I've created a MeshInstance as a child of the joint, so that I can see where the joint is, and it doesn't change position.

Have you seen the discussions here?

I'm goin to try to delete the joint and create another in the position I want, to see if it works.

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