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We are building a drag-and-drop system that's currently using Area2Ds to define the shape of drop areas. We now want to implement dragging things onto GUI elements.


When we put Area2Ds inside of a Control node (which also needs to respond to clicks, so its MouseFilter can not be set to "ignore"), there doesn't seem a way to receive input events. The InputEvent tutorial describes that as soon as any Control node reacts to an event, the _input_event method won't be called anymore on areas/physics objects.


Do you see a way to react to input events in an Area2D, which is on top of a Control node?

Should we change our approach? Define drop areas using control nodes? We love the flexibility to define arbitrary shapes with areas, though.

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have you tried using CanvasLayer on Area2D?

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We settled on a workaround where a 1x1 px area follows the mouse pointer, and we listen for intersection events with the area we're interested in.

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