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How can I open two instances of Godot at the same time? I mean different project on different windows. My friend who uses Linux has no problem with it. But I can't do it. I use OSX El Capitan.

Thanks in advance

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I just tried it out and one approach is to copy the Godot.app to another folder. I tried copying it to my Documents folder and opening it and it opened a second instance of Godot along side the one placed in the Applications folder.

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Yeah this works well.

I got another answer from Godot group in Facebook too. In case anybody who are looking for the same answer. We can open new instance of a program in OSX using this command:

open -n AwesomeApp.app


open -n /applications/Godot.app

will works

And it applies to any application


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Probably from console:

Godot -e firstProjectScene.tcsn

and in other console instance:

Godot -e secondProjectScene.tcsn

but I never tried it.


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The exact command to simply launch a new instance from Mac OSX command line is

/Applications/Godot.app/Contents/MacOS/Godot -e
Note that if you do this, the process will remain active in the terminal. You can pass the -d option to open in the background
/Applications/Godot.app/Contents/MacOS/Godot -e -d
It is possible on your computer that Godot.app lives in /Users/YOUR_USERNAME/Applications rather than root /Applications

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Just opening project.godot from Finder works for me. (godot 3.2)

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Go to your desktop with Godot closed then click the Godot icon then while leaving Godot open click the icon a second time. Then there should be two Godots open at once.

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Right click the active icon on taskbar and select 'New Window'. Then you can open another instance of Godot.

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Just open Godot again, when there's already a project opened

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