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I know that game resources are packed into the data.pck file if I chose to do so in the export options. However, I want to know how easy it is to decompile that data.pck file.

Additionally, I asked this before but didn't get any answers but how do I add support for DLCs in my game (probably in form of a separate PCK file).

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I know that it isn't particularly hard to disassemble a .pck file, but I don't have details on how to do it.

In short, don't view data packing as an encryption or protection system (this is true for any game engine, probably).

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EDIT: This is for the additional question, not the main.
The answer have not changed in the last months, I think...


You can try this

I have tried to use pckpacker and export then loading with Globals.loadresourcepack with no success (everything ends overwriting my scene or ignoring the package in user://), even in zip format, is supposed to be possible but no clue how.

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So does that mean it's not yet possible?

In the docs issue, punto- said he made it with pckpacker but is not documented how.

So, looks like is possible but need some research and trial and error until someone makes a tutorial for it (or until the API gets more user friendly).

Ahh I see. Now if only someone can respond to the main question

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Files area easily extracted using Dragon UnPACKer's HyperRipper feature

Video guide:


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