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I want to swap out the SpriteFrames loaded onto my AnimatedSprite to indicate where the player's direction is. I made 4 different SpriteFrames saved as *.tres and on the source folder. How do I swap them out on runtime using GDScript?

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In GDScript, if you want to change the SpriteFrames resource of an AnimatedSprite, you can do like this:

var frames = preload("path/to/your_sprite_frames.tres")

However I think you don't need to make 4 SpriteFrames resources for each direction. I had a look at the editor, and realized it works like AnimationPlayer. You can have multiple sprite sequences in a single SpriteFrames, like this:

enter image description here

With this other technique you can play any of these by name in GDScript:

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Oh wow, how did I not think of that. Thanks! I even have a walk and run set and never bothered to think "hmm.. maybe I can add the 4 directions here too"

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