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I have this scene, which is autoloaded:

CanvasLayer (root with attached script)

  • AnimationPlayer (Schrodinger's node)
  • Control (presumably unrelated stuff)

    • ColorRect

but whether I reference AnimationPlayer in the script linked to CanvasLayer with






(which I think all refer to the same AnimationPlayer node as in the autoloaded scene?), I am getting "node not found: AnimationPlayer". It's treated like it exists in the IDE autofilling functions, etc. and worked before I changed the file structure (and also updated all location references I could find), but now it seems to refuse to acknowledge this node.

Why is it no longer working? How do I fix it? What embarrassing noob mistakes have I made with my structures?

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Fixed it myself!

I did make an embarrassing mistake.

I autoloaded the script instead of the scene. :facepalm:

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