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Hi, I was wondering about how i can get an object to follow my mouse like haveing it connected to it. For my game currently, I am able to get the balloon (object) to be dragged when clicked. I would like it to connect to the mouse so when I click on my mouse the object appears where the mouse it and so that u can drag and drop it anywhere.

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In balloon:

var is_following_mouse = false

In balloon _update():

If is_following_mouse:
    Set balloon position to mouse position

Also make when balloon is clicked set is_following_mouse to true.

If you want multiple balloons instead save the balloon in variable.

If you have different nodes you want object be in you can do this https://youtu.be/usWuBrrh5lQ

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var amount = 0

amount += 1
amount += 1
amount += 1
amount += 1

do you have a full code that I can just plug in for the balloon because I'm really unsure still

Send the godot project

Im not sure how

One way is to make a github.com account and make repository of your godot project and upload to there

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I made a project that make you 5 balloons.


Run it in browser on itch.io:

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