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Hello, how can the game be optimized and streamlined?
I have a problem with slowing down where there are many objects, please help
I read Godot's document but my problem was not solved

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How do you load the objects?
Are they sharing textures/other assets?
How many objects are we talking about?
What device is it slowing down on?

i it download and import to godot
If you mean downloading a scene, I will save and run it in tscn format
Yes, they have colors like trees or boxwoods or fences
Nearly a hundred objects
do not know graphics or CPU

If you download the game then it is probably on the internet and you can link it here.
How is loading assets happening?

You can know your computer from the Speccy program.

Try both GLES3 and GLES2 renderers.

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use visibility enabler node to disable anything that is not currently on screen

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First issue, run the profiler (a tab on the debug window). Post the output in your question.

Second, look to see you have a zillion nodes for individual sprites when you meant to have a tilemap or using animation frames for movement.

Otherwise, we are guessing in the dark.

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