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Getting 2 errors
1. Invalid get index '0' (on base: 'PoolVector2Array').
2. Invalid operands 'Vector2' and 'int' in operator '>'.

extends "res://NPC/PlayerDetection.gd"

onready var navigation = get_tree().get_root().find_node("Navigation2D", true, false)
onready var destinations = navigation.get_node("Destinations")

var motion
var possible_destinations
var path

export var minimum_arrival_distance = 5
export var walks_peed = 0.5

func _ready():
    possible_destinations = destinations.get_children()

func _physics_process(delta):

func navigate():
    var distance_to_destination = position.direction_to(path[0])
    if distance_to_destination > minimum_arrival_distance:

func move():
    motion = (path[0] - position).normalized() * (MAX_SPEED * walks_peed)

    if is_on_wall():


func update_path():
    if path.size() == 1:
        if $Timer.is_stopped():

func make_path():
    var new_destination = possible_destinations[randi() % possible_destinations.size() - 1]
    path = navigation.get_simple_path(position, new_destination.position, false)

func _on_Timer_timeout():

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2 Answers

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For this one...

Invalid get index '0' (on base: 'PoolVector2Array')

I assume your array doesn't contain any elements at the time you make that call. If that's the case, I assume that the get_simple_path call isn't returning anything. Try printing out the number of elements in the array and see what you get (the size() function).

For this...

Invalid operands 'Vector2' and 'int' in operator '>'

The call to direction_to returns a Vector2 while distance_to_destination is just a simple, scalar value. You can't compare the two different value types. I'm not sure what you want there, probably either a single component of the Vector2 (so, it's X or Y component), or maybe the length of the Vector2?

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path return empty. Sometime it will work

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Someone else found the solution to this very issue, so I will share with you here.

Replace direction_to with distance_to.
Why? distance_to returns a float while direction_to returns a Vector2.

distance_to_destination = position.direction_to(path[0]) returns a Vector2. minimum_arrival_distance = 5 returns a int of 5. You can't compare Vector2 with Ints/Floats. It will lead to the game crashing.

The issue is related to this function:

func navigate():
    var distance_to_destination = position.direction_to(path[0])
    if distance_to_destination > minimum_arrival_distance:

Before finding this solution, I tried an earlier solution with limited success. It was instead of replacing direction_to with distance_to, just replace the minimum_arrival_distance = 5 with minimum_arrival_distance = Vector2(). This will mean we are comparing two Vector2. That will allow the game to run without crashing and also allow the guards to move around. But their movement is buggy and they all end up getting stuck in one destination node after moving about for about a minute or so.

So this is the reason why instead, have both distance_to_destination > minimum_arrival_distance as floats as oppose to Vector2s.

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